Based in London, this renaissance man of music has been in the centre of clubbing and music scene
from way back in the 90s. He was instrumental in the success of Exogroove parties across Italy as well
scoring a number of major Dance hits.

In recent years he has picked up his music career with some brilliant dj sets along the Dance Ambient,
Tech House, Circuit style and Techno sound that is so sough after all over Europe.
Catch him at the Legendary Hustlaball, Hard On, Hotwired in London as well as some high profile dates
in the rest of Europe and USA.

Hustaball London, New York, Bruxelles, Berlin, Las Vegas.
La Demence Cruise and Fuse Club Bruxelles, Kit&Kat and Connexions Berlin, Lovechild Tour
Antwerp, Harder Times, Ritual Cagliari, Beef Jerky Tel Aviv, COX – Gay Village Rome, Deviate @
The Warehouse Amsterdam, Euphoria Dublin just to name a few.